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GlobalBiz Services offers professional consulting services on the following areas: Taxes, Payroll and Insurance


Tax preparation:

Process ITIN / EIN
Amended Tax Returns
Audit assistance services and/or Payment
Rent/Property tax refund


Business consultant:

Services for Small Business
Audit and/ or collection assistance services
Reports and Financial Statements
Sales taxes
Assistance for closing down your company


Payroll services:

Payroll 24/7
Payroll Checks
Direct deposit
Electronic payment of Federal and State taxes
Reports to Federal and State
Forms W-2 and 1099
Employee or contractors, Withholdings, Benefits and more
Section 125 POP Plan & HSA Compliance



Car, Home and Business Insurance
Worker's Compensation
General Liability
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
• NEW! Apply for health & dental insurance

  Other services:      
  Proxy and Legal Forms      
Call for a free consultation at 651-771-9356
All these services are offered in your language and they are supported by our experience and commitment. GlobalBiz Services has the ultimate technology and qualified personnel in order to give an excellent service to our customers.

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